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83% of women who chose abortion say that if just ONE person had supported them in another decision, they would have chosen life for their babies.

Every day in our country, more than 3,500 innocent children die from surgical abortion. While most of us support the pro-life cause, few realize that there is something we can do to save these babies right here in Pulaski county. Since Free Women’s Center of Pulaski County open its doors in 2011, we have assisted hundreds of women and saved many babies from abortion. The number of women and babies saved grows each month, through the expansion of our ultrasound services, pre-natal education programs, and improvements to our Mothers Boutique.

The true back bone of the FWC is a small group of courageous and loving volunteers. Expertly trained and armed with the gospel of Jesus Christ, our volunteer client advocates work one-on-one with our clients. Armed with medically accurate information and guided by the Holy Spirit, they empower our clients to make healthy life choices consistent with the intrinsic value of human life.

Is God calling you? Could you be the one?

If so, we have many opportunities for you!

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