Who we are

The FWC is an independent 501(c)(3), non-for-profit service organization helping those that are navigating their way through an unplanned pregnancy.

All of our services are free of charge.


It is not the will of your Father who is in heaven that one of these little ones should perish.”

– Matthew 18:14


The Free Women’s Center of Pulaski County (FWC) empowers as many individuals as possible to make healthy life choices consistent with the intrinsic value of human life, and serves as a leader in the community at large for positive sexual values.

We do this through programs which provide pregnancy testing and counseling; pregnancy confirmation through limited diagnostic ultrasound; partnering and support; linkage to community resources; education and training; post abortion support; adoption support and material aid.

 Principles of Service

  1. Services promote life affirming choices for pregnancy and sexuality.
  2. Services are presented in a loving, caring, nonjudgmental manner.
  3. Services are presented to people of all races, cultures, creeds, and economic status.
  4. Services are confidential.
  5. Services promote abstinence as the positive life choice for unmarried persons.


  • The sanctity of human life
  • Chastity (abstinence outside of marriage; faithfulness within marriage)
  • Family
  • Personal responsibility
  • Self-help
  • The dignity of work
  • Knowledge and wisdom
  • Community
  • Church
  • Prayer

FWC_Statement of Faith

FWC_Statement of Christian Unity