Most clients have concerns about parenting; some lack family support.  Through our prenatal education program, client and the fathers of their babies learn important skills to use throughout their pregnancy and after their children are born.  Upon completion, all clients earn supplies needed for their baby.

Prenatal Skills:

·         The Importance of Folic Acid and Prenatal Care

·         What’s safe and what’s NOT safe when pregnant

·         Nutrition and Healthy Eating

·         Bonding with your unborn child

·         Childhood Immunizations

·         Safe Sleep – the prevention of sudden infant death syndrome

·         The prevention of Shaken Baby Syndrome

·         Car Seat Safety

·         Breastfeeding

·         Understanding Infant Temperament

·         Child Development & Emotional Coaching

·         Setting Limits with Love

·         Toddler Discipline

·         Toilet Training

·         Importance of Social Connections

·         Advantages of Birth Spacing